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New team applicants, read this

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  • New team applicants, read this

    To apply for the Twitch team, please create a new thread in the appropriate forum (only you and staff will be able to see it) with the following information:
    • What is your username?
    • For how long are you following the speedrunning scene?
    • Is a Souls game your first speedgame? If not, for how long have you been running a Souls game?
    • What Souls games do you run?
    • What's your Twitch channel?
    • Your Discord handle?
    • Please add a short introduction to describe why you think you would make a good addition to our streaming team.
    You are required to add a link to SpeedSouls ( either using a picture (you can use one of these: or as text, or alternatively set your displayed Twitch team to SpeedSouls, if you are in more than one team.

    Good luck!
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