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Will 21:9 resolution invalidate my runs?

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  • Will 21:9 resolution invalidate my runs?

    Normally when I play this game, I use a hex edit that simply allows the game to run in 21:9 resolution, specifically 3440x1440. Will using this invalidate any runs I may submit?

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    Very good board we have here, where nobody posts and the questions area is abandoned. Thank you so much.


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      I understand the frustration, it's just the sad reality that nowadays people dislike using forums. Almost everyone exclusively uses Discord (our server: but I would like people to be somewhat active here as well. I'll try and get you an answer.


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        I already talked to YippieOrbit about this, but I'll try to formulate an answer here too. Since this is a non-native resolution, as of right now, this would count as modification. As stated in the ruleset here: modifying the code in any way, with the exception of category specific modification (or any tool listed here for that matter), is not allowed. However, as long as this doesn't mess with the HUD or any other mechanic, it's probably fine.

        Edit: The ruleset may be adjusted to consider this in the future. Before there's a clear example of how this affects gameplay (optimally not at all), there's no reason to change anything. Maybe you noticed people have been starting to modify skins too. This is technically not allowed according to our current ruleset, but similarly to how the quitout rule is handled, we try to use common sense and only reject runs if there's really any need to (as in: it's decided case-by-case).
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