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Elaboration on the No Breaks rule during quitouts.

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  • Elaboration on the No Breaks rule during quitouts.

    Hello friends,

    The Dark Souls III Mod team have enforced a rule last year November that disallows taking breaks in the Main Menu when the "Save & Quit" mechanic is used in Dark Souls III.

    While not directly loading the game back in after performing this mechanic will cause a submission to be rejected, I would also like to point out that doing other stuff like changing Keybindings, graphical settings or other options or settings while using the Save & Quit mechanic are not allowed and will also get a submission rejected.

    The reason for this is quite simple. Runners perform quitouts to:
    • prevent lethal fall damage when dropping from high distances using Spook also known as a Spook Quitout
    • skip long animations such as opening doors, pulling levers or other long animations.
    • perform skips and actions that would normally not be possible without the use of this mechanic.
    • for other reasons that justify using this mechanic that I may not remember at this point of writing.
    This mechanic should solely be used for these reasons and no other.

    If a runner therefore decides to not load in the game directly after quitting out, the runner therefor purposely halts IGT from running and abuses this as an unfair advantage to do certain other actions, such as changing certain options that can also be done safely while being in-game instead of in the Main Menu.

    Please note that we are mild on how long a runner can stay idle in the Main Menu but other actions go directly against this rule and will therefor get your submission rejected.
    Also note that technical difficulties should be stated in the submission and depending on what happened will be taken into consideration when allowing or rejecting a submission.

    Thanks for reading this,
    "Success is not what you have, but who you are." -- Bo Bennett