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    I've been trying to find a visual cue for the fast/ delayed follow-up the past few days and today Induratize asked me wether I checked for sound cues already. While he doesn't seem to use consistent sounds aka inhaling or exhaling, I noticed that if he does the fast attack he will not make a sound before he starts moving his sword but only a little afterwards. If he delays the hit he will do whatever sound pretty much the moment he starts moving. Maybe anyone here can confirm this or has ideas even regarding other attacks or possible strafes. Feel free to share your ideas!

    Refering to this:

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    I also noticed that tanking the follow-up poke after the swing to your left/ his right side will consistently result in him doing a strafeable overhead attack as last hit of his combo. Alternatively you can roll into the front of his body, although i have yet to test the consistency of that.


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