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  • Distant Doll Skip
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    Estimated time save of roughly 3 minutes so far. The best known segment in the previous route being around 5:50, perimeter bonfire up to deacons, while the actual skip itself takes 2:30 or less.
    Not yet included in this is the timeloss to extra hits, which is under 25 seconds in theory + not being able to one-cycle aldrich and faster stamina regen from GCS. +5 saves a firelink trip and ashes, resulting in a 45 sec time save of which you will only save roughly 10 sec in the end due to extra hits on bosses and collecting shards, which have yet to be timed.
    Additionally, you can skip wolnir bonfire and perimeter bonfire but can't skip ashen estus anymore, as it is required to skip a rest at distant manor bonfire.