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BB Skips Timed - A Spreadsheet

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  • BB Skips Timed - A Spreadsheet

    After some conversation about timesaves & if there was any document that showed all the different skip timesaves, Ahady took the initiative to create a spreadsheet. Posting here just for visibility.
    Sheet1 Skip Name,Time Saved (s) Sewer Skip,40.6 Old Yharnam Skip,54.0 Ladder Warp,21.0 Forbidden Woods Skip,19.4 Lunarium Key Skip,37.7 Yahargul Skip,45.0 Lecture Hall Skip,18.8 Nightmare Frontier Skip,35.9 Cave Skip,15.8 Orphanage Key Skip,29.1 Fishing Hamlet Skip,42.3 Total,359.5 Minutes,6.0

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    To clarify, these timesaves were compared against a 'glitchless' run. For example, Orphanage Key Skip was compared against going up the left side of the Orphanage to kill the brainsucker for the key.


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      This is very cool. Nice job on this! Did this get posted on the Wiki as well?
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        Not yet. Definitely can be added though. I'd also like to expand it to include different versions of certain skips. For example: yolo Yahargul skip versus the Flo setup, the many different setups of Old Yharnam skip, etc.